Research Articles


Articles on The Importance of Proper Posture


Harvard Based Article on The importance of Posture


Paul CHEK's Blog on Posture and Breathing



Posture Can Affect Your Mood and The Decisions You Make



"The 42 Pound Head"- Forward Head Posture Causes Not Only Neck and Back Pain but Many Other Side Effects as Well. 



Eastern Medicine and Practices


Acupuncture Promotes Healing and Induces Natural Anti Inflammatory Compounds


The Many Benefits of Tai Chi


Articles On The Dangers and Potential Dangers of Major Agricultural and Chemical Pesticides


A Good Article on The Many Dangers of Chemical Pesticides and Solid Research to Back It Up



An Article on The Dangers of Glyphosate, The Most Widely Used Herbicide

A Good Article by Spring Wind, an Organic Herbal Company, Addressing Growing Concerns of Excessive Pesticide Use

Pesticides Are Linked to Cancer

Pesticides Are Linked to Sexual and Reproductive Disfunction

Nutrition Based Articles


A Low FODMAP Diet Proves to be One of the Most Effective Strategies in Treating IBS



The Immune Boosting/ Cancer Fighting Properties of Mushrooms

Kefir, A Nutritional PowerHouse With Major Gut Healing/ Immune Boosting Properties That Many People Over Look Because They Avoid Dairy.

Acid Reflux is Usually a Problem of Too Little Stomach Acid, Not Too Much

The U.S. Nutrient Database

The Antimicrobial Effects of The MCT's Found  in Coconut Oil Have Been Proven to Inhibit Growth of C. Difficile

The Dangers of Synthetic Vitamins and Minerals May be Greatly Overlooked Due to Corporate Greed

A Good Article on Oxalates


The Only Supplements You'll Ever Really Need


The Benefits of Bone Broth May be Greatly Overlooked.


Article on the  Health Benefits of Liver




Green Tea Can Help Prevent Kidney Stones


An Article Revealing The Evidence Based Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar


New Research Reveals The Amazing Health/Medicinal Benefits of Manuka Honey Via It's AntiMicrobial and AntiOxidant Properties


Studies On The Health Benefits of Grass-fed Beef vs. Conventionally Fed Beef


Grass-fed Beef vs. Grain-fed Beef

Grass-fed Beef

Grass-fed Beef is Better for the Enviroment

Case for Organic and Grass-fed


Studies Indicate Why Following an Organic Diet and Lifestyle is The Clear Choice


Studies Indicate Organic Food Has Higher Vitamin/Mineral/Antioxidant Content and Lower Risk of Heavy Metal and Pesticide Contamination

Organic Foods Have Higher Nutritional Content

Will Genetically Modified Crops Feed The World?

Studies on Organic vs. Conventional Overlook the Risks Associated with Pesticides

Studies Indicating Why Organic is Healthier

FDA Admits to Dangerously High Levels of Arsenic in Non-Organic Chicken

Studies on The Health Benefits of Raw Milk vs. The Health Concerns of Pasteurized Dairy



Harvard Based Research on Pasteurized, Low-Fat Dairy

European Study Finds Lower Rates of Allergies and Immuno compromise in Children and Infants Who Consume Raw Milk

Raw Grass-fed Milk vs. Pasteurized Commercial Milk

Biased info on Raw Milk

Case for Raw Milk

Milk Helps Reduce Uric Acid Levels and Prevent Gout Flare Ups

Overwhelming Evidence Puts The Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Myth to Rest (Sleep Well My Friend : )



A Good Article Discussing Why Certain Foods that Are High in Dietary Cholesterol Are Good For You and How Studies Found NO Link to Heart Disease

Scientific Study Reveals  Whole Egg Consumption Has Minimal Impact on Blood Cholesterol Levels and No Link to Heart Disease

Study Finds NO Link Between Saturated Fat Intake and Heart Disease

5 Studies Find NO link Between Saturated Fat Consumption and Heart Disease

Studies Find NO Link Between Cholesterol Levels and Heart Disease

The Cholesterol Myth

More on The Cholesterol Myth

Study Shows NO Link Between Red Meat Consumption and Heart Disease

Articles on Candida Overgrowth


A Study from The University of Toronto Brings New Info on Candida albicans or Candida Overgrowth

Candida Overgrowth in The Intestinal Tract

More Research on Candida Albicans

Articles on The Dangers of Wireless Radiation and Cell Phones


WIreless Radiation Causes Cancer



Cell Phones Cause Changes in Brain Activity

Cancer Rates/ FM Waves and Your Mattress



Articles on The Dangers of The Microwave



The Effects of The Microwave on Breast Milk


Potential Risks of Microwave Irradiation

A Study Comparing The Cooking Effects of Boiling, Microwaving, Steaming and Baking on Broccoli Where Microwaving and Boiling Were Found to be Most Detrimental to The Nutritional Content

A Good Article on The Microwave With Reference to a Few Scientific Studies That are Over Looked and Ignored

Train Operators and The Negative Health Effects Associated

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