The world is beginning to catch on to the all the wonderful health benefits of East Asian Medicine, but for many this medicinal art is still quite a mystery. Well, lets shed some light on the subject!

Acupuncture is the most well known of the Four Pillars of East Asian Medicine. It utilizes 14 pathways in the body called Meridians.  Picture these meridians as streets or highways.  Energy or Qi (pronounced chee) is constantly running through our body.  When it is running right, all is well in the world. We feel happy, energetic and healthy.  When it is blocked, stuck or deficient it creates pain, dysfunction, depression and disease. It is our job to act as a traffic conductor and figure out where to put the needles in order to free up this energy and make your world right again...and all you'll feel is relaxed!


What happens at an Acupuncture appointment?

Patient Consultation


At the consultation, you've got our full attention. After filling out a brief patient intake, we'll talk. We want to know what brings you to my office and what we can do to help. The diagnostic paradigm of Acupuncture is much different than most people are used to. Everything matters. Everything you feel is an important clue that helps me put together the larger picture of you and the state of your health. Patients often say to me they've seen their doctors and nothing is exactly wrong but they still don't feel right.  We can work with that! Modern testing does not take in to consideration work, stress, relationships and human emotions. Alternative medicine finds these things important, and so do we. So whether you've been diagnosed with an illness, experiencing pain with no relief or just don't feel right, this initial consultation is our time to sort it all out, together.

Tongue and Pulse


One very unique tool Acupuncturists use to diagnose is to look at your tongue and feel your pulse. By doing this we am able to match the symptoms you tell us about in our consultation to what your body is presenting.  As you can see, tongues vary greatly from person to person and yours can tell quite a story! Pulse is the same. Different areas of the pulse match up to organ and meridians and reflect their energy and whether it is excess or deficient. Tongue and Pulse are another important piece of the puzzle.



THE NEEDLES!  This is usually the part that keeps people from giving Acupuncture a try. If we had a dollar for everytime someone asks us if we've seen ya know, that movie, where the guy has a thousand needles in his face...



It's nothing like that. You will be in a cozy room, on a heated bed listening to relaxing music. The needles are tiny and chances are whatever you're coming to see me for is causing you way more discomfort than they ever will. We place them in and then you get to drift off to nirvana while they work their magic for 15-20 minutes. We won't leave the room until you are absolutely comfortable.


So there you have it!

After the treatment we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Nicolas Yurick

Nicolas is a Licensed Acupuncturist and certified Qigong Instructor with a passion for Chinese Medicine. His love for Acupuncture started as a natural progression from studying his interests such as massage, energy work, and martial arts. During his time in College he used every moment he could to improve his studies by working in the herbal dispensary and tutoring other students who needed help. In 2018 and 2019 Nicolas spent four weeks in several cities in China studying abroad in famous Chinese hospitals such as The ZhengZhou Yihe Hospital and LuoYang Diyi Zhongyi Institute. Nicolas is dedicated to working with his clients needs to create a session of healing and to get great results through holistic practices.

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