Athletic Training


 Functional & Rehabilitative Conditioning


Nutritional Counseling


Lifestyle Coaching


                           All in One!


Here is a walk-through of what it's like to be Coached by John...


   From the Initial Consultation to your first Nutritonal & Lifestyle Counseling Appointment, and throughout you're entire program,  John is with you every step of the way, helping you to make positive change and taking you places you have never imagined! All of this, while focusing on the goals you've set for yourself, of course.



Initial Consultation

Please wear shorts or yoga pants and a tank top to your first appointment


Dietary & LifeStyle Questionnaire

We designed our own screening tool to individually help each one of our clients unlock any dietary and lifestyle barriers that are preventing them from living a healthy, pain free life. In this questionnaire, we will uncover your current diet and lifestyle habits and analyze them together through some basic questions.


Medical Par-Q

We will discuss any medical conditions, injuries or general concerns you currently have or have had.


   Client Summary

The client will have the opportunity to reveal their health/ fitness related goals. They also have this opportunity to discuss their future ambitions such as: improving their yoga practice, running a marathon pain free, improving their golf game ect.


 Posture Analysis 

This in-depth posture assessment will tell me a lot about a person, such as: mobility restricitions, muscular deficits, imbalances, movement pattern issues ect. In other words it will give me a good idea of what im working with and how I can address these specific issues. Not everyone is the same so issues will vary from person to person.

Subsequent Sessions


After the initial assessment a typical treatment consists of three parts:

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

We will be giving you information on your diet and lifestyle that will bring your body to a greater state of health and wellness and reduce and eliminate inflammation that is creating pain and discomfort.  This is also the time to bring your questions to the table.


The Treatment

Using a combination of stretches, mobilizations and conditioning exercises we will begin to bring your body back into balance.



Rehab/ Conditioning Program

I create a personalized program for each client based upon the information unveiled in the assessment to fix any issues uncovered and most importantly, get you out of pain! Each program is designed to mobilize tight areas, strengthen weak areas and bring the body back into balance. These programs are created with your goals in mind, whether you want to lose weight or improve your golf swing. You will learn important techniques that will use between sessions to achieve quicker results and empower you to become your own source of healing.  Remember compliance is key! No program will work if you don't do it!









X-Ray of John

  This may seem like a lot but remember, we are taking this one step at a time. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step! Making Lifestyle changes takes time and I will be with you every step of the way.

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